Independence Movement Day (3·1절)

On March 1st, Korea celebrates the Independence Movement Day, or Samiljeol. The day is referred to as samiljeol because sam 삼 is 3 for the third month, il 일 is 1 for the first day and jeol 절 means festival.

Korea National Foundation Day 2022

Korea National Foundation Day (개천절 Gaecheonjeol) is coming up this Monday, October 3rd (2022). On this day, South Korea celebrates the founding of the Korean kingdom of Gojoseon in ancient times. This kingdom is traditionally believed to have been founded by Tangun, the son of a heavenly king and a bear that transformed itself into a woman.

Blacklisted Websites 2023

Some online stores are just impossible to deal with. Although we try our best to communicate between our customers and the vendors, some vendors are less than responsible about their business.

Hangul Day Holiday 2022

The Hangul Day, or Korean Alphabet Day, is coming up this Sunday, October 9th (2022). To celebrate this day, Monday 10th was announced to be National Holiday this year.

Lunar New Year Holiday 2023

Due to the holiday, our office will remain closed on January 23rd and 24th and we will reopen on the 25th. Please note that orders will also be delayed due to couriers and stores not working during the holidays. Thank you to all our beloved customers for a great 2022, and we are grateful for all your interest in our services. Happy New Year!

Korean Thanksgiving Holidays 2022

KoreanBuddies will be closed between September 9th to September 12th and we reopen on the 13th!

Christmas Holidays 2022

The end of the year is approaching and our team is working hard to get your packages shipped out in time for Christmas! Our staff will keep working through the holidays (except weekends as usual), but with fewer members. Due to that, invoices, customer services, and purchases might be delayed. Thank you for your understanding.

Labor Day and Children's Day 2023

Labor day and children's day are both on the first week of May, on the 1st and 5th .