Blacklisted Websites 2023

We try our best to communicate between our customers and the vendors to provide a prompt and reliable service. However, some stores are just not worth the trouble. If a business can't provide the very basic service as an e-commerce store, we warn our customers about them but to be on our blacklist. This means they're the worst places and that people should refrain from buying there. The main reasons behind us blacklisting a website are (but not limited to):

  1. Unreliable shipping without communication
  2. Non-existent customer service

Typically, stores that have delayed shipping will at the very least communicate in some form or another but stores on our blacklist, take it too far and for the safety of our customers, we provide no service for these websites.


  1. Duckyworld
  2. Ourcabinet
  3. Witchform

A website may be taken off the blacklist if we see improvements in its social reviews after careful consideration. If you must order from these places for whatever reason, we will not be able to follow up with them (due to problems on their end) or take responsibility in any manner (your money may be lost).