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Have you ever come across a situation where a surprise merchandise drop happens from your favorite vendor? Membership with us ensures the quick availability of staff to attend to such needs.Or do you require your packages shipped out to you as quickly as possible? Our team will go out of their way to speed up our usual processes to have you receive your package with awe.We will go out of our way to try exceed your expectations.

What You'll Be Enjoying From The Membership
  1. !
    Priority Priority at every step of the full shopping service. Your orders are processed faster than ever.
  2. DedicatedDedicated StaffYou’ll have access to our dedicated staff ready to purchase your desired products from second-hand platforms like Bunjang.
  3. Raffle Tickets
    Package ForwardingPackage Forwarding of items that are originally yours and of items that cannot be purchased through us.
  4. Raffle TicketsRaffle BenefitsEvent Raffle Priority
  5. MessengerManager Contact KoreanBuddies Manager Contact via KakaoTalk in case of Emergencies.
  6. Raffle TicketsRaffle Tickets
    More Raffle Benefits 2x Raffle Positions for every KoreanBuddies Giveaway
  7. CouponsCounpon Benefits Coupon Discount Priority
  8. Order SurveillanceOrder SurveillanceMore frequent order checks with the vendor to ensure no sneaky order cancellation was missed.

A membership with us could make all the difference with your shopping needs. The benefits you get far exceed the cost of the membership.You might have also come across a vendor have a wild discount via a coupon, but typically, you will most likely not be the only one requesting it from us. Of course, the membership doesn't guarantee the coupon, but it's way more likely for a customer with a membership to land it. One good coupon would have already made the membership more than worth it!As much as we want to provide the best of our services to everyone for the standard fee, some frequent shoppers require added services that need us to dedicate a lot more time. The membership prioritizes such services to ensure they get their package how they want it and when they want it. Plus, added benefits on top of the prioritized services as a bonus!

Only $15/month

The recurring payments can be ended at any point in time with no following penalties whatsoever! Join Freely and end it freely!*Please message our staff through the messaging system after login to Apply.

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