29 CM : Shop With A Magazine-Like Interface

29 CM Logo

29CM is yet another big e-commerce platform in Korea that combines culture with fashion and lifestyle on their platform.

With its magazine-like interface, browse through their many categories, which include: fashion, beauty, skincare, lifestyle, home decor, household appliances, electronics as well as food and beverages.

29 CM Magazine-Like Interface

Over 2,000 brands are showcased, their main target audience being youth, men, and women in their 20s. One of the differentiating features is that 29CM has made it their mission to create a community on their platform, involving users and designers in a creative, constantly evolving ecosystem.

Having different brands, products, or artists, related to either fashion or lifestyle, on a weekly basis promoted and highlighted to bring more eyes to lesser known or up-and-coming unique designers and their creations. They also don't miss an opportunity to simply post articles on the latest hip events their customer base would be interested in! This could also be of interest to anyone living abroad, getting an inside look at the sort of events they might want to visit on your trip when visiting.

29 CM Events

If you are a bit unsure about what is currently trending in Korea and could need a bit of help familiarizing yourself with what’s hip, you may make use of their very handy NEW / BEST / EXCLUSIVE categories as shown below to browse through the week’s newest or most popular and well-rated items.

29 CM Popularity Menu

All products available on the platform and within respective brands, as commonly done in Korea, are equipped with charts of the item’s measurements to make your online shopping experience headache free!

If you're looking to purchase from them you'll also be benefiting from their speedy delivery times compared to many similar platforms!

We forgot to mention that 29 CM also frequently issues discount coupons which you can also use with our service! So be sure to check with us to see what coupons are available!