Latest Korean Winter Fashion Trends 2023

It feels like just yesterday we were complaining about the sweltering heat, desperately seeking solace in refreshing summer beverages to survive those scorching days. And now, here we stand at the threshold of a brand new season—winter. It's time to not only treat ourselves to a delightful cup of hot cocoa but also embrace a fabulous wardrobe change that shields us from the chilly air. So why not indulge in the latest Korean winter fashion trends this season and let them ignite your imagination and inspire your wardrobe?

Korean Winter Fashion Trends

1. Puffer Jackets

Earlier this year, it came as a surprise to many when certain brands experienced a sell-out of puffer jackets during the sweltering summer season. While their effective marketing strategies certainly played a role, it wasn't the sole reason behind this phenomenon. Rather, it served as an early indication that puffer jackets are set to become the trend for the upcoming winter season. As we pen this article, the keyword "padded jackets" reigns supreme on Musinsa's search rankings, with a striking 9 out of 10 top spots occupied by puffer jackets.

While winter fashion can sometimes make people appear bulky and sluggish, resembling "stuffed sausages," there is a solution that combines both style and practicality. Unlike their heavier counterpart, the parka, puffer jackets come in shorter lengths and are mostly crafted with lightweight synthetic insulation. This means you can stay warm without sacrificing your sense of fashion. Plus, puffer jackets typically cost only about one-third of what down jackets would set you back, so you won't be breaking the bank either.

Korean puffer jackets from Adlielos and Kolon Sport

2. Hoodies

There is truly nothing quite like a good hoodie. Not only do they provide unbeatable warmth and incredible comfort, but they also come equipped with the added convenience of an emergency hood. Now, we call them “emergency” hoods because they shield you from sudden gusts of cold wind, offering protection and added coziness to your neck area.

Effortless styles (꾸안꾸) have consistently been the trend, making hoodies an absolute must-have in Korean winter fashion. In general, clothes that embrace the normcore aesthetic have gained immense popularity as a versatile choice.

Korean hoodies from ISTKUNST and NSTK

3. Pintuck Pants

Pintuck pants have undoubtedly taken the Korean fashion scene by storm, becoming a ubiquitous trend that is hard to miss. It seems like every corner you turn, pintuck pants are there to catch your eye! And it's no wonder why they have become so popular.

One of the main reasons behind their rise in popularity is the clever design feature of pintucks. These delicate folds add an extra dimension to the pants, allowing for greater width without compromising on the fit. Not only does this make them incredibly comfortable to wear, but it also creates a flattering vertical line that elongates and slims your legs, giving you a lean and elegant appearance.

The beauty of pintuck pants is that the meticulous folding adds an air of refinement to the overall look of the garment. It elevates them from being just another pair of casual pants to a stylish and sophisticated fashion statement.

Korean winter styles with pintuck pants

4. Pleated Mini Skirts

There's no denying the visual appeal of pairing a mini skirt with long boots or knee socks as they effortlessly complement each other. Thanks to K-pop idols leading the trend in Korean fashion, pleated mini skirts have emerged as a popular choice, offering a delightful combination of style and warmth. With various designs and fabrics available, you can explore options ranging from trendy "Kpop-style" belt wrap skirts to charming "high teen" pleated mini skirts. There's an option for every style-savvy individual looking to stay fashionable and cozy during the winter season.

Korean winter fashion ideas with pleated mini skirts

5. Sheepskin Slippers

As the world braces to face colder winters, it’s a must to own a pair of warm footwear to protect your toes from falling off. And, we all know that nothing beats sheepskin shoes [well, as long as it doesn’t rain or snow]. Sheepskin shoes have been one of the most searched terms in Korea since the beginning of November. Despite winter not yet in full force, many people have been seen wearing these shoes out in public.

Sheepskin shoes come in a variety of lengths, including long boots, ankle boots, and slippers. Of these, the sheepskin slipper has been a popular style since the 2022 winter season and is likely to remain so. They are comfortable and look adorable when paired with cozy long cashmere socks.

Korean fashion ideas with sheepskin slippers

6. Parachute Cargo Pants

Wide pants have indeed become a sensation this year, captivating the attention of both men and women. The allure of wide-leg pants lies not only in their ability to create an illusion of height, but also in their ability to enhance your overall silhouette. Comfort and convenience are undeniably key factors when it comes to fashion choices, and wide-leg pants certainly deliver on that front. Their loose-fitting nature allows for freedom of movement, making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

While wide pants are undeniably on-trend, it is worth mentioning that parachute cargo pants have emerged as a particularly popular choice. This could be attributed to the rise of gorpcore fashion in 2023, which saw a growing interest in streetwear combined with a love for outdoor activities like hiking and camping. Korean parachute pants take this trend to the next level by offering fleece linings, making them an excellent choice for those who prefer not to layer their clothing during the winter months.

Korean parachute cargo pants from BigUnion

7. Slim Fit Down Coats

It's undoubtedly frustrating when we have to sacrifice style and comfort during the winter season. However, there is good news on the horizon! Many brands have recognized the importance of both warmth and fashion, and have dedicated time and effort into creating winter clothing that excels in both areas.

In the past, down coats were often bulky and padded, but this year, brands have taken a different approach. They have managed to craft down coats that are sleek, slim, and incredibly lightweight. With brands making slim-fit down coats their main fashion item for their 2023 winter collection, you can embrace both style and warmth this season.

Korean down coats from Nepa and On & On

8. Oversized Balmacaan Coats

No winter wardrobe is complete without a wool coat, and balmacaan coats are among the most favored of all options. And this season, it's no different. Koreans are flocking to balmacaan coats, making them the top choice. In fact, the oversized balmacaan coats have taken the lead as the best-selling items on Musinsa, a testament to their popularity and timeless appeal.

When it comes to K-fashion, it's no secret that Koreans have an undeniable love for oversized clothing. Take the oversized balmacaan coats, for example. These coats not only provide unparalleled freedom of movement but also effortlessly conceal the bulkiness of winter fashion, resulting in a sleek and elongated silhouette. Moreover, their versatility shines through as they effortlessly complement both casual and formal outfits. Don't miss out on these coats if you're aiming to achieve the ultimate Korean winter fashion.

Korean balmacaan coats from Coor and Rementary

9. Oversized Shearling Jackets

Next up on the list are oversized shearling jackets. These jackets are the epitome of timeless elegance and sophistication, even in the face of chilly winds. When it comes to choosing between leather and fleece shearling jackets, it's clear that leather reigns supreme. Its luxurious texture and sleek appearance effortlessly elevate any outfit. But, you can get the best of both worlds with reversible shearling jackets.

Korean shearling jackets from Noice and Musee

Searching for shearling jackets in Korea can indeed be a bit confusing, as they are commonly referred to as "mustangs." Allow us to share an interesting side story behind the origins of this name.

Shearling jackets were a type of clothing that was completely unfamiliar to the people of Korea during the Korean War. One day, some Koreans curiously approached an Australian fighter pilot and inquired about his jacket. However, due to a slight misinterpretation, the Australian pilot mistakenly assumed that they were asking about the name of his P-51 fighter aircraft. Without hesitation, he confidently replied, "Mustang." Legend has it that after that moment, the plane's nickname was taken for the name of the jacket, and that is why Koreans call shearling jackets “Mustangs.”

10. Cat Beanies

Cat beanies are a unique style of headwear that has gained popularity in recent years. Contrary to what their name suggests, cat beanies are not necessarily knitted with cat ears. Instead, they can be square-shaped beanies that resemble the appearance of a cat when worn on the head.

Cat beanies emerged on the fashion scene in 2022 and quickly gained popularity among Korean idols. Soon enough, other Korean celebrities joined the trend, causing it to spread like wildfire. As winter set in and the temperature dropped, we noticed a surprising number of young women wearing cat beanies, despite how cutesy it may appear. Wool bucket hats, ushanka hats, and regular beanies have been around for quite some time, so why not spice up your style with something fresh and eye-catching this winter?

Korean cat beanies from Varzar and Awesome Needs

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