How To Save Costs When Shipping From Korea

Have you ever wondered why shipping from Korea is so expensive, and whether there are any ways to reduce these costs? Interestingly, even if you attempt to minimize the number of items in your shopping cart, it does not necessarily result in reduced shipping fees. Let’s uncover the reasons why.

Why Is Shipping From Korea Expensive?

The steep shipping rates can be attributed to various factors such as elevated freight expenses, heightened consumer demand, shortage of containers, inefficiencies in cargo ships, changes in minimum wage, and many more. While the disruption in the shipping supply chain during the COVID-19 pandemic has stabilized, the industry is still facing challenges in recovering from these hardships.

To better understand the culprit behind the numbers on your shipping invoice, it’s best to understand the structure of shipping costs. The factors that affect the cost of shipping from Korea include, but are not limited to:

  • 1. Extended process: International shipping requires additional steps compared to domestic transportation.
  • 2. Distance: The farther your destination country is from Korea, the more time and resources it takes to deliver your package.
  • 3. Fuel prices: Fluctuating fuel prices have a direct impact on transportation costs.
  • 4. Transportation modes: The cost of shipping varies depending on whether your package is transported by plane or sea. Aviation fuel is more expensive than maritime fuel, and ocean freight allows for larger loads over longer distances.
  • 5. High demand: The transition to online shopping has increased the general demand for international shipments. During peak seasons, shipping costs will rise to meet the higher demand.
  • 6. Regulatory compliance: Adherence to industry regulations by shipping companies can lead to additional costs for customers.
  • 7. Labor: The cost of handling, loading, and unloading cargo contributes to shipping costs.
  • 8. Advanced technology, tracking, and security: Accurate real-time tracking systems, technology, and even efforts to improve security can add to shipping costs.

Essentially, shipping from Korea is not expensive in itself, but it is international shipping that is expensive. In fact, Korea is considered one of the least expensive Asian countries for shipping. To illustrate this, let's compare the DHL shipping quote for a 3 kg package across various Asian countries: South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Comparison between DHL quotes when shipping from Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam to the US.

Please be aware that the price depicted in the image above is not the actual rate utilized by Korean Buddies. It is solely intended for illustrative purposes to provide a comparison.

How Do Shipping Companies Determine Costs?

Shipping companies determine their costs based on the comparison of the actual weight of packages and their volumetric weight. The volumetric weight is calculated by multiplying the length, width, and height of the package and dividing that value by a given dimensional factor. The shipping cost you pay for is based on the larger figure between the actual weight and the volumetric weight.

There are limited options for reducing your shipping costs as they are influenced by global demand and external factors. So to minimize shipping costs, your package size should ideally be similar to the size of the content. This can be done by using a Korean proxy shopping service, like Korean Buddies, who can help ensure that your package is shipped affordably and effectively from Korea.

Let’s dive into the details and see how Korean Buddies can help!

How Can Korean Buddies Help Save On Shipping Fees

One of the main concerns when using a Korean buying agent is not the service fees, but rather the high shipping costs. People aren’t concerned about how much they pay for a product they want, but how much they have to pay to receive their package.

You may have experienced the temptation of adding more items to your shopping cart to qualify for "free delivery over $100," without realizing that you're actually spending more overall. Many people can relate to this as they consider transportation costs to be an area where they would rather not spend too much of their money on.

At Korean Buddies, we understand this dilemma and strive to make online shopping from Korea accessible to everyone by minimizing shipping fees. Here are 4 ways that Korean Buddies can help in reducing shipping costs.

1. By getting rid of empty spaces in packaging

The primary reason for the high shipping costs is the wasted space in boxes. As we mentioned earlier, shipping costs are determined by the box dimensions, specifically the volumetric weight. If your box has empty spaces or unnecessary void fills, you are essentially paying for a "half-empty box."

It may come as a surprise, but many sellers overlook these empty spaces. Therefore, having your package shipped directly from the seller does not necessarily mean it will be the cheapest option.

To ensure that you pay the right amount for shipping, your package should have minimal empty space while still providing sufficient void fills to protect your items. Korean Buddies pays attention to these small details of your shipment. We rearrange items and make necessary adjustments to the boxes to offer our customers the most cost-effective shipping from Korea.

Getting rid of empty spaces before shipping from Korea

2. By removing excess packaging

Excessive packaging is another factor that contributes to higher shipping costs. We have witnessed numerous products passing through our warehouse, and a significant observation is that a substantial portion of the original packaging consumes unnecessary space. This is equivalent to having empty spaces in your box.

Nevertheless, we understand the thrill of receiving products in their original condition, so we never remove packaging unless specifically requested by you! Our valued customers can always make a request for removing products from their packaging. This approach not only reduces wasted space but can also help decrease the overall package weight.

Removing excess packaging when shipping from Korea

3. By combining orders into a single package

Shipping costs are typically reduced when items are consolidated and shipped together in a single box instead of multiple boxes. This approach is not only efficient for eliminating empty spaces but also helps to lower shipping expenses. If you have an extended order or separate orders, Korean Buddies can assist you in consolidating your items. Simply reach out to our team! If we determine that shipping your items in multiple packages would be more cost-effective, we will take that approach to ensure that you pay the least amount possible when shipping from Korea.

Combining multiple orders into a single package when shipping from Korea

4. By offering discounted shipping rates

Lastly, we have established partnerships with leading shipping companies to provide our customers with the most affordable shipping rates from Korea. At Korean Buddies, we carefully consider factors such as your location and package size before suggesting the most cost-effective shipping method for your needs.

Whether you want to obtain an estimated shipping quote for your next package or if you have any specific requests, feel free to reach out to us. We are here to assist you!

Korean Buddies offers personalized shopping services and aims to make your online shopping experience for Korean products smooth and hassle-free. Simply make a list of the items you want to purchase, and our skilled team will handle all the tasks, including shopping, inquiries, packing, and shipping. Once you've placed your order, you can sit back and relax. We also provide an instant quote page that is free to use and highly accurate.

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