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Get the most trendy Korean fashion items in Blackup!

There is a reason why Blackup is one of the most popular Korean clothing brands amongst our customers: their clothes give you a stylish look with essential items. Blackup has plenty of chic and unique casual clothes as its name suggests and what’s even better, all their pieces are very reasonably priced. The most stylish street fashion is here in Blackup. Even if you are not used to daring clothes, chic basic clothes in Blackup will help you be the hip look trending in Korea right now without much effort.

If you ask us about the top 5 Korean shopping malls for women’s clothing, Blackup will surely be on our list. Due to its increasing popularity, Blackup may sometimes have a late domestic delivery, but it has friendly customer service and always notify us about sold-out or delays. It also has an English website, which makes your purchase easier for you. However, don’t forget that we, KoreanBuddies, can respond to all inquiries quickly and guarantee the cheapest international delivery fees.


Blackup is famous for its high-quality hip pants. There are many vintage-style pants with wide outfits. The maxi-length pants spice up your fashion with a unique mood. These pants are comfortable, make an effortless style, and are wearable regardless of age. Students will create a cute atmosphere, and workers will give a comfortable and hip mood at the same time. Match these pants with any basic shirts, and it will be a perfect unisex Korean fashion look.

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Blackup has many stylish tops that Korean girls love wearing. They have adapted them to all the latest fashion trends in Korea so that they are never boring. They are basic yet have some unique points, which makes them a safe choice to wear everyday but at the same time not a dull one. Buy these tops and there will be no trouble choosing your daily clothes.

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Size Information

At the bottom of each item, there is size information. On the ‘SIZE INFO,’ you can check the size of each part. On the right side, you can put your height(cm) and weight(kg), showing you the recommended size. For more information about Korean sizing, refer to our Korean size chart.

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