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BT21’s cute characters are a result of BTS’s collaboration with Line Friends. BTS members drew these charming characters that were then made into all kinds of cute items. There are in total 8 characters that represent the members of BTS in different ways: Tata, Mang, Chimmy, RJ, Koya, Cooky, Shooky, and Van. They are some of the most popular items with our customers and the variety of merchandise available is endless. In this guide, we will show you the best stores to get official BT21 products directly from Korea!

TOPSHILL - Get exclusive prices shopping when through KoreanBuddies

Topshill is a small store that sells authentic BT21 popular items. As a KoreanBuddies exclusive, we have a special collaboration with Topshill, so we are able to get major discounts exclusively for our customers. For customers buying from Topshill, we can get products delivered almost instantly and therefore provide even faster service to our customers. Their product listing includes bt21 keyrings, eco bags, and various stationery items. If you are interested in any of their items, send us an inquiry and we can give you more information about the discounts we have available.



Everything started with Line Friends, the global creative studio for the popular messenger app Line. We could spend hours navigating their BT21 official store. Anything you can think of to style every corner of your home with BT21 characters is here. Since their launch in 2017, there has been no stopping their continued release of products.

Line Friends Store


Monopoly is a stationery store and its main product line is BT21. Their selection is very large, especially stationery items featuring the adorable BT21 minini. Shopping here, you can get the perfect set-up for a cute and colorful desk filled with your favorite characters.



Nara Home Deco is a quickly growing Korean shopping mall specializing in bringing the newest character merchandise to fans. This is the perfect place to shop for cute items of your favorite characters and make your home cozier. From time to time, they release new BT21 collections that include bedding, home decor, stationary, cute plushies, and many more. Typically, the merchandise on Nara Home Deco is limited edition and can sell out quickly, so take that in my mind when you want to purchase here. We also wrote an article about Nara Home Deco that you can check out to find out more!

BT21 Nara Home Deco