Korean Ring Size Chart With International Conversions

Looking to purchase a ring from Korea online but unsure about the sizing? Our team at Korean Buddies understands how frustrating it can be to search high and low for the perfect fit. That's why we've put together a Korean ring size chart with conversions to US, UK, European, and other international sizes.

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While Korean jewelry shops typically provide a standard ring size chart on their website, it's often not available on the product page and lacks international conversions. Save yourself time and frustration by using our ring size chart for quick and easy reference.

And in case you’re not well-versed in ring sizing, we’ve addressed some common questions below.

For the most precise measurement, we recommend referring to the "inner diameter (mm)" section. While we have taken great care to provide accurate information, it's worth noting that international sizing systems can be inconsistent and may not be as accurate as professional measurements.

Korean Ring Size Chart (mm)

※ China, India, and Japan use a similar ring system to Korea.

1311 3/4C 1/2--31-
13.3322D41 1/213 1/451 3/4-
13.6632 1/2E42 3/413 3/4-2 3/45
1443F 1/24414746
14.3353 1/4G44 1/214 1/4857
14.6663 3/4H4614 3/4-5 1/28
1574H 1/246 1/2151079
15.3384 1/2J4815 1/411810
15.6695K4915 3/4139 1/211
16105 1/4K 1/250--1012
16.33115 3/4L 1/25116 1/4-11 1/213
16.66126 1/4M 1/252 1/216 3/41612 1/214
17136 1/2N5317-13 1/215
17.33147O54 1/217 1/4-14 1/216
17.66157 1/2P55 1/217 3/4191517
18167 3/4P 1/256 1/218-16-
18.33178 1/4Q 1/257 1/2--1818
18.66188 3/4R 1/25918 3/4221919
19199S59 1/219-2020
19.33209 1/2T6119 1/2242121
19.662110U62202522 1/222
202210 1/4U 1/263--2323
20.332310 3/4V 1/26420 1/22724 1/224
20.662411W64 1/220 3/4-2525
212511 1/2X6621-2626
21.332611 3/4X 1/266 1/221 1/4292727
21.662712 1/4Y 1/26821 3/4-2828
222812 1/2Z68 1/222312929
22.332913Z+17022 1/43230-
22.663013 1/2Z+271-343230

How to measure your ring size

Finding the perfect ring size is an essential part of your jewelry purchase. Although getting sized at a local jeweler is the most precise method, measuring your ring size at home can give you a good idea of your size. Luckily, you don't need any fancy tools to do it! Here are some easy methods to measure your ring size at home.

What if none of the sizes match?

If you're unsure about the perfect ring size or can't seem to find an exact match, our advice is to buy one size up. This will give you the flexibility to resize it without compromising on the fit. You can use sizing beads, spring inserts, or even try some DIY methods.

It's important to keep in mind that your finger thickness can fluctuate due to various factors, so resizing your ring may not always be necessary. Plus, by avoiding resizing, you can preserve the unique design of your ring.

What about half-size Korean rings?

If you're browsing accessory websites and come across half-size rings, don't fret. Korean ring sizes increase every 0.33 mm (inner diameter), so half-size rings have only a subtle difference from a full size. No need to get confused!

You want to be 100% confident that it's the correct size.

Here are two simple solutions to help you find the perfect fit:

  1. Check if the seller offers international or custom-size orders. You'll be happy to know that popular jewelry brands such as MAADSTUDIO, offer these options as part of their service.
  2. Alternatively, you can purchase a Korean ring size gauge set (including a ring gauge and ring sizing strip) for approximately KRW 5,000. Simply include it in your package when shopping with us. These gauges weigh about 50-100g, so they won't affect your package weight or shipping fee.

Additional note:

Modifications were made to the Korean standard ring size in 2020. When browsing through ring sizers, ensure that the seller is using “KS규격 반지 사이즈 (Korean standard ring size)” or “신게이지 (new ring gauge).”

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