How To Use The Order Form

The new order form at KoreanBuddies gives you the functionality to supercharge your order request to be processed faster than ever with accuracy. On the outside, while it looks more or less like a typical form with some extra input, behind the scenes, upon submission of the order request, our system validates and organizes your ordered items so that all our team needs to do is check the prices and issue the invoice! Leaving us with more time to complete your extra requests promptly and pay more attention to each order, so you have a seamless online Korean shopping experience.

Follow the instructions below if you have trouble submitting an order with us!

Step 1.

Make your account, log in and click 'Submit an order'

Click the submit an order button

Step 2.

Fill out your address to receive the items and your preferred currency to make the payment. If you have already saved your address in ‘My Account, simply click 'Import Details'!

Import your user details

Step 3-1.

If you have saved a shopping list before, ‘Load From before’ will give you a fast track to those items!

Load your saved shopping list

Step 3-2.

  1. Write an additional message if you have any: Replacement/Personal information needed to buy your items or any other necessary information that is required.
  2. Copy and paste the link to the item you want to buy. Don’t forget to write your option(color, size, version) and quantity. If the vendor offers any benefits (aka freebies), please write them down on ‘Benefits’ so we can look into it for you.
  3. Click ‘Add Item’. You can add multiple items in one order.
  4. Click ‘Save’ if you want to order it later.
  5. Let’s Go to Shipping Options!
Fill in the details of the item you want

Step 4.

  1. Choose Shipping Method: DHL / EMS / Surface Mail. If your address is in Korea, choose Domestic Delivery.
  2. You can check Packaging Options if needed
  3. Do you want us to ship it with your previous orders? Simply click 'Combine Shipping!'
  4. Do you have a discount code? Add it to 'Promo/Referral Code'
  5. Press 'Submit Order', and we will issue your product invoice within a couple of hours (working hours)!
Fill in shipping options