FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Payment and Fees

Can I pay in Korean Won?

Of course you can! Please request to use "KRW" in the order form, and we will send you the bank details to make the transfer. We cannot accept KRW via PayPal due to restrictions (country-wide) from overseas.

What is credit?

If an item sells out after you paid for it or if something turns out to be cheaper than we originally anticipated, we will credit the amount to your account. You can use the credit in your account to pay for the shipping invoice or for your next order. Unused credit can also be withdrawn to your bank account upon request after your package has been shipped.

What exchange rate are used?

Our rates are simple, and we try not to receive a penny more. To calculate the rates, type in *Amount in Korean Won* KRW to *Currency you want to make the payment with* into Google. The result you will find is "Market Rate" exchange rates which aren't what you get through exchanging them through Banks or other 3rd party places. Likewise, due to PayPal's conversion & payment processing fees, a 6% surcharge is applied to all conversions. Long story short, multiply 1.06 to the result from Google, and you will find an identical amount to what we invoice!

What payment methods are available?

Although our default payment option is via PayPal, you can pay with your card (also processed by PayPal, but you do not require a PayPal account); other available options include bank deposits and payment via Bitcoin.

Why is there a separate invoice for shipping?

Because we need to know the exact box size/weight of the final package to see the final shipping cost, it is impossible to charge you the shipping fee before receiving all the items from the vendors. When the delivery of your order to us is complete, we consolidate the package for you, so you don't pay anything more (or less) than what is necessary. Once we have finished packing and measuring the box's final weight, we can issue a shipping invoice.

Can I split my package and send items from the same order separately?

If for example something from your order arrives before the rest and you want to have this shipped first, we can provide this service as well. Please just note that we charge a 5 USD "split box fee" for this as splitting the order interrupts our usual flow of orders.

What are the fees?

The cost of the shopping service is 12% of the value of the items ordered, minimum of $12 USD or an equivalent amount in your desired currency. This fee is charged per order placed with us so putting all your selected items into one invoice is the most cost-effective.