FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


When will I receive my order?

From payment of the product invoice to KoreanBuddies shipping out your package, we strive to complete this within seven days. This depends on how quickly we receive your items. Most big franchise online shops typically ship out within three days of purchase (unless mentioned otherwise), after which it takes about 1 to 2 days to arrive at our facility. Once everything from your order comes, we take photos, pack, and measure the box. The shipping invoice is usually issued within one business day. As soon as the shipping invoice is paid, your package is sent out the next pick up by the shipping companies (DHL picks up every day at about 4:30 PM KST, EMS is picked up the following morning, Surface Mail is sent out every Friday and domestic delivery within Korea is picked up around 12 PM KST). The delivery time frame depends on where the package is being delivered to. Please refer to our shipping rates page for more information regarding the delivery time frame.

Are there items we can't ship?

Fake luxury goods can be seized by customs and any penalties and responsibilities lie with the customer. Perfume is considered a dangerous good and can be caught at customs. If found, your whole package will not be delivered and we will not be able to recover it. In this case as well, the responsibility lies with the customer, and thus the order will not be refunded. There is also a limitation of the quantity of batteries you can ship in one package. We can ship big or heavy items, but the shipping fee might be extremely high.

What happens if my items are caught in the customs?

Although we inform in advance about unshippable items and customs limitations, there is still a chance for your package to get inspected or to be charged a hefty tax when it reaches you country. All responsibility lies with the customer in this case, and thus we cannot compensate or refund the items.

DHL did not send me a tracking number

Please send us a message, and we will send it to you. Sometimes their system fails to work, and the tracking email gets lost in spam very frequently.

Why is my package so heavy?

Shipping companies charge by the size of the box, not necessarily by weight. A larger box costs more to ship than a smaller box. The volumetric weight is often higher than the actual weight of a package.
Many sellers, especially on Gmarket and other open markets, do not input accurate weights, so beware.

What days do you ship packages?

We ship DHL and EMS packages daily. DHL packages are picked up in the afternoon close to our office closing time (5:00 PM KST), and EMS packages are picked up between 10 am to 11 am KST. Surface Mail (Sea Mail) is shipped out weekly, every Friday.

Will I get a tracking number?

Of course! If you have requested your package to be sent via DHL, the tracking number will be sent directly to you from DHL. For EMS and other delivery methods, we will send you the tracking number to you via messages.

Why is my shipment on hold?

Rest assured, if your tracking number says your package is on hold, there is no reason to panic. Packages often get held up without any reason given in the tracking details. Packages typically arrive within the time frame provided by the freight companies.